Walabot DIY Protective Case & Accessory Kit

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OFFICIAL Walabot DIY Protective Case and 8 Piece Accessory Kit

Walabot Rugged Eco-hard EVA Zipper Case is the only case designed and guaranteed by the makers of Walabot for safe carrying and storage protection

Accessory Kit Includes:

  • 3 gel pads for use in securing Walabot to phone
  • 3 protective films which function as a barrier between Walabot and wall surface
  • 1 micro-USB cable & 1 type C cable to connect phone to Walabot
  • Detachable elastic wrist strap to secure case
  • Mesh pockets for cables and other accessories

* Walabot DIY is not included and must be purchased separately
* Not for use with Walabot Developer

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